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Despite some recent reforms, there are still criticisms to be made of the current law on murder.
Consider relevant criticisms of the law, and suggest any reforms that may be appropriate.
Criticisms on the law on murder were identified in the Law Commission report `Murder,
Manslaughter and Infanticide' (2006); including…

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A mercy killing is not considered by the majority of the public as murder as it is the killing of a patient
suffering from an incurable or painful disease. The D however, will still be convicted of murder and be
given a life sentence which is perceived as unfair and…

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mandatory life sentence to instead be replaced by the discretionary sentence. This recommendation
has been repeatedly made since at least 1978 by the Law Commission. It was not enforced as the
Chairman of the Criminal Law Revision Committee believed that the public may not be ready accept
such a change,…

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However where this would have helped cases such as Clegg, the D would not only have to prove loss
of control but also the fear of serious violence.
The law on murder has been thoroughly criticised by different bodies and members of the legal
profession and despite the supporting evidence…


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