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Critically assess Wittgenstein's belief that language games allow religious
statements to have meaning (35)

Wittgenstein's language games are shown when different types of language can be used in different
situations. He suggested that if one cannot understand the rules of the game, such as religion, then
one cannot talk…

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it and understand the rules of a game. As Wittgenstein said in his chess board analogy, one cannot
play chess if one does not know the rules, as it is meaningless to them. For Wittgenstein, language
games are the only games to understand language, as this theory is not…

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they do not understand it. This restricts discussion and statements should be applied to the real
world, as they are a reflection of God's work.

Religious believers are involved in other language games because they are involved in other aspects
of life. This means that religious language is not…




Does anybody know what grade this essay is?

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