Critical Thinking Unit 1 Key Term Match Cards

 Key term match cards to be printed and cut out. Helps to revise language to use in exam.

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Attacking the person, not the
Ad Homimem "Well, you wouldn't know any better"
Giving a weak interpretation of an
opponents argument so that it is easier
to knock down
Straw Man Person 1 "All children should have
religious education at school"
Person 2 " It's unfair to force a religion
on a child
When two alternatives are presented
as if they are the only two, but they are
False Dichotomies not
"If you want better schools, you must
raise taxes"
A statement or assertion that is
Claim supposedly true
"All men are bad shoppers"
One which is not stated, but hinted at in
Embedded Argument the text
The assumption that a small change
will lead to extremes
Person 1 "We should relax laws on
Slippery Slope alcohol"
Person 2 "No, any society with
unrestricted access to alcohol loses
its work ethic"
A form of argument in which a
propositions is disproven by following
its consequences to the extreme
Reductio ad Absurdum "Rising taxation rates always results in
increased tax revenue"

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An idea of theory based on a few
instances not substantiated
"All the girls in my school got below a
Generalisation C in GCSE maths.…read more

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