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Attacking the person, not the
Ad Homimem "Well, you wouldn't know any better"

Giving a weak interpretation of an
opponents argument so that it is easier
to knock down
Straw Man Person 1 "All children should have
religious education at school"
Person 2 " It's unfair to force a…

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An idea of theory based on a few
instances not substantiated
"All the girls in my school got below a
Generalisation C in GCSE maths. Therefore, all girls
are bad at maths"

A person/ viewpoint is biased if it
Biased favours one side over another

The credibility of a person,…

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Assuming or suspecting something is
likely to be false, unless proven

An argument which tries to justify a
wrong action on the grounds that it is
Tu Quoque being done by someone else
"I hit Kate because she hit me"

An assumption which is at best
questionable and at…


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