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Critical Terms

Allegory A type of narrative which makes literal sense in its own right
but also has a double meaning.

Alliteration The repetition of consonants in words and phrases.
E.g. Peter Piper Picked a Peck of Pickled Pepper.

Ambiguity Words, phrases or whole texts which have several unclear

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First person
The use of `I' in speech or writing.

The shape or pattern in which a poem is written.

Free verse Poetry which seems to have no set pattern, stanzas of rhyme

Huge exaggeration or overstatement.

A line of poetry made up of ten syllables with…

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Parody The style of an author or work is imitated and either matched
to a trivial subject or exaggerated for comic purposes.

Objects that are given human characteristics.
E.g. Old Father Time, the wind moaned, England mourns for
her dead, the walls have ears.

A piece of continuous…


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