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Critical Criminologies
Crime and Deviance - Topic 3…read more

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Traditional Marxism ­ The basis of
criminal law
Laws benefit the ruling class
Criminal laws are there to protect the rich and powerful.
Personal violence is dangerous and the rich want to protect
themselves using their agents e.g. police
Property laws for example protect those who own properties
(the rich and powerful bourgeoisie)…read more

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Traditional Marxism ­ Law creation and
the dominant hegemony
In capitalist society's the ruling class impose their values through agencies
e.g. religion, education, the media
This creates hegemony. Hegemony occurs when the ideas and values of the
ruling class dominate thinking in society
The dominant set of values is the framework that laws are based on
Individuals believe they're agreeing to values based on their beliefs when
really it's the ruling class's beliefs
In a democracy the dominant values lead to the creation of laws…read more

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Traditional Marxism ­ Law Enforcement
Even though the law making process is based on ruling
class interests the laws created could still benefit the
general population if the laws were enforced fairly
However, even the police focus on punishing the working
class and not the ruling class…read more

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Traditional Marxism ­ Individual
Bonger (1916)
Capitalism = based on greed, selfishness and competition
This is reflected in peoples attitudes to life
People are happy to look after themselves at other
peoples expense because of these values
Crime is an understandable outcome of these values
The poor are driven to crime due to desperate conditions…read more

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Traditional Marxism ­ Crime Control
The ruling class tries to divert attention away from them so people don't see the
real cause of their situation
The institutions (media, religion etc.) provide alternative reasons for peoples
situations and justifies the capitalist system
Crime supports capitalism because it diverts attention
Crime leads to less attention on capitalisms exploitation and more attention on
criminal individuals who are dangerous and whom only the police can protect us
`we are only protected by the police' helps to justify why there is heavy policing in
working class areas.…read more

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