Criminal Attempts

Criminal Attempts:

My notes (a distinctly shortened version of them!) for: Attempts (Actus Reus - merely preparatory, mens rea), impossible crimes.

More will be up soon on other areas of law, i.e. murder, non fatal offences etc. Just have to type them!

Please comment or message me if you spot any mistakes as I'd like to know if I've been revising the wrong thing!!!

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2) Attempts

What is an attempt?
An attempt is where a person tries to commit an offence but fails to complete it.
It is defined in s1(1) of the Criminal Attemps Act (1981) as:
o "If, with intent to commit an offence to which this section applies, a person does…

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o R v Easom (1971) ­ D picked up a womans handbag, rummaged through it and then replaced it without taking anything. There was no
evidence he intended to steal anything so he was not guilty of attempted theft.

Is it possible to attempt the impossible?
In some situations the…

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Discuss whether the current law relating to attempted crimes strikes the right balance between protecting society and convicting those who deserved to be

`A person who genuinely attempts to commit a crime and fails still deserves to be punished just as much as a person who succeeds in committing…


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