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Crimean war
Origins of war.
How its remembered?
It is renowned for military incompetence, where the ordinary soldiers far out shined the
administrative s and higher ups. It has one of the biggest military disasters. It built and
destroyed many peoples reputations. Its one of the first wars with photographs…

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ahead. This is when cholera took its toll. The French commander before the battle went to talk
tactics but Lord Raglan underestimated the enemy and didn't listen. He carried out no
reconnaissance and therefore had no idea of Russia's strength. But the Russians also
underestimated their enemy and was setting…

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became a campaign to bring military mismanagement to the public. One of the first war
Roger Fenton.
Remember his purpose was to make profit. There market was soldiers and their
families this will effect his pictures. He was also severely limited he was meant
to report the war, but…

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many didn't use anaesthesia as they thought it weakened the patient. Infections were a big
risk and wounds could only be stitched up and that's it.
one of the biggest issues face by any army is providing clean water and sanitation. Due to
weather and lack of clean clothes…

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Nightingale actually met. Mary was not hired by Nightingale. Many argue this was due to
racism but you cant judge Nightingale personally as racism was part of Victorian England it
was viewed as normal. Many preferred to see Seacole instead of Nightingale. This is because
Mary used more herbal remedies…

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Cardwell Army Reforms 1870-71after reports like the Mcneill tulloch report the politicians
found it vital to create army reforms. This were made by secretary for war Edward Cardwell.
These measures were introduced , some military departments were combined under one roof
which made the war office. Battalions of certain districts…


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