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Crime & Punishment…read more

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The Need for Law & Justice
· What are Laws?
· Rules on how society is expected to behave
· In the UK, made by parliament or by judges as a result of the decisions
they reach.
· Law upheld by courts and police to ensure society is obeying law.
· Why do we need laws?
· Humans live in groups and groups need rules to organise behaviour.
· Laws support people in work and businesses, stop others from taking
away the reward of their work.
· Protect weak from the strong.
Why does there need to be a connection between law & justice?
· St Thomas Aquinas:
· 1) If law is unjust, people feel it is ok to break that law.
2) If some laws unjust, people may think all laws are.
3) If laws aren't just, people will take law into their own hands.
4)If they think legal system isn't working, may lead to civil war.
· Means that they will disrupt instead of uniting society.…read more

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Theories of Punishment
· Retribution:
-Pay proportionately to severity of their crime
-Suffer what their victim suffered
-Punishes the criminal
· -Put people off committing crime in first place, punishment severe in proportion to crime
-If someone know hand cut off for stealing, won't steal
-If executed for murder, won't murder.
· Reform:
· -The only way to stop crime is to reform criminals, so they won't want to commit them
-Most criminals only commit crimes, don't know any better.
· -Reformation punishments enable criminals to find alternative ways to live through
education & qualifications
· Protection:
· -Protects society from criminals and their actions
-Capital punishment prevents murderers and terrorists from hurting society
-Long prison sentences keeps violent/persistent criminals from striking again.
· -Community service can keep hooligans and vandals busy and off the streets.…read more

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Why is Justice Important for
· God is Just and rewards those who do good &
punish those who do bad.
· `Anyone who does not do what is right is not a
child of God' John
· Jesus said the rich should share with the poor.
· Bible says people should be treated fairly and not
cheated and that God wants the world to be ruled
justly, therefore Xians should be concerned with
· Jubilee 2000 campaign- Christians campaigned
for debts of 3rd world countries to be cancelled.…read more

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Why is justice important for
· The Quran says to stand out firmly for justice,
even if it is against yourself, parents or kin.
· Also says that Allah has set up the balance of
justice so that people may not transgress it.
· Muslims teach the day of judgement is based on
justice, therefore so should their lives be.
· Part of their role as vice-gerents of God's creation
is to ensure the world is governed fairly & people
should behave justly towards each other.
· Zakat- charity for those less fortunate, just. And
no interest is allowed, also just.…read more

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Nature of Capital Punishment &
the Non-Religious arguments
about it
· What is Capital Punishment?
· Using execution as the punishment for a crime.
· Only authorised state etc. can govern it after criminal has had a proper trial.
· Still used legally in 71 countries around the world.
· Finally abolished in the UK, 1998.
· Non-Religious arguments in FAVOUR:
· If people know they will lose their life for murder, will act as a deterrent, therefore fewer
· Murderers and Terrorists are a great threat to society,, if executed then they cannot reoffend.
· Human life is the most important thing, its value can only be shown by giving the worst possible
punishment to those who take it.
· Retribution is a major part of punishment, the only retribution for murder is the death penalty.
· Non-religious arguments AGAINST:
· No court system can be sure the correct verdict has been given.
· The statistics show that those countries without the death penalty have a lower murder rate than
those with the death penalty.
· Many murderers so not expect to be caught, therefore do not think about the punishment
· Human life is the most important thing so no one has the right to take it.
· Terrorists who are executed are hailed as martyrs therefore their followers are encouraged.
· Murderers often regard life imprisonment worse than execution and try to commit suicide.…read more

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