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Unit 4:
Crime and punishment…read more

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The need for law and
Laws are the rules made by Parliament that govern
human relationships and society as a whole
Justice is about enforcing the laws in a way that is
fair and equal to everyone, making sure that good
acts are rewarded and bad acts punished
Laws in the UK are made by parliament and
enforced through the police and the courts, to
enable people to live in freedom, safety and order
A sin is an act against God and a crime is an act
against the law, but not all crimes are sins…read more

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Theories of punishment...
There are several theories about the purpose or aims of
Deterrence- The idea that punishments prevent or discourage
someone from doing something again, or deter other people.
However, it doesn't work
Retribution- The idea that punishments should make criminals
pay for what they have done wrong and gives the victim a
sense of justice. However, it doesn't always work, and cannot
be achieved in serious crimes (eg. murder)
Reform- The idea that punishments should try to change
criminals so that they will not commit crimes again. However, it
goes against the idea of punishment
Protection- The purpose of the punishment is to protect society
from dangerous criminals. However, it only works when
criminals are locked away…read more

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Muslim attitudes to justice...
Muslims believe in the importance of justice as the
Qur'an teaches that Muslims should act with justice
and fairness and that God is just
Muslims believe in following the law of God (the
Shari'ah law) which requires fairness and justice for all
Many Muslims campaign for peace and justice
throughout the world, through organization like
Muslim Aid and Islamic Relief…read more

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Christians and justice...
Christians believe that they should behave justly
because the Bible says that God is just and wants
people to behave justly, and Jesus taught that
everyone should be treated fairly and justly
Christians try to bring justice to the world by
following Jesus' teachings
Christians agencies like Christian Aid and CAFOD
(Catholic Fund for Overseas Development) work for
justice today…read more

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Non-religious arguments for capital
Capital punishment is the death penalty for a crime or offence
The death penalty was abolished in the UK in 1973, however in
some countries (including China and in some American states),
capital punishment is still practiced
Arguments for capital punishment- acts as a warning or a
deterrent, the value of live is made clear, society can rid itself of
dangerous criminals and is compensation to the family of the
Arguments against capital punishment- it doesn't work
(countries who use it do not have lower murder rates), innocent
people can be wrongly executed, terrorist can be killed and
become martyrs and execution is an easy punishment as the
criminals does not have to live with the guilt of their crime…read more

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