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CRIME AND DEIVIANCE ­ Table of Sociologists.
Sociologist. What they said.
Heidensohn. - Women's behaviour is conformist.
- Control at home. ­ housework and childcare impose severe restrictions
on women's time.
- Control in public. ­ women fear the threat of male violence against them.
- Control at work.…

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The statistics are seen in two ways, they are either incorrect saying that
women commit crime undetectable or the they are correct and that women
commit less crime.
Steffensmier. Women are treated more leniently in courts due to judges being reluctant
to separate women from children.
Women are less dangerous…

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- Primary deviance ­ deviant acts that have not been publicly labelled.
- Secondary deviance ­ result of societal reaction of labelling.
- Master Status ­ controlling identity .
Piliavin and Briar. Police decisions to arrest a youth were mainly based on physical cues e.g.
manner, dress, gender, class and…

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This results in morally questionable activities that could lead to death or
injury of the less powerful not being covered by the law.
Gilroy. Ethnic minority crime can be seen as a form of political resistance against a
racist society. This resistance has its roots in British imperialism

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White. Anthropocentric: the view that assumes humans have the tight to
dominate nature for their own ends and puts economic growth before the
Ecocentric: humans and their environment are independent so both a
reliable to exploitation.
Kinsey, Lea and Police clear up rates are too low to…

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Using quantitative data from official statistics Durkheim found:
1. Suicide rates for a society remain more or less the same.
2. When the rates did change it coincided with other changes.
3. Different societies have different rates.
4. Rates varied between different social groups.
4 types of suicide
1. Egotistic…


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