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CRIME AND DEIVIANCE ­ Table of Sociologists

Sociologist What they said
Heidensohn - Women's behaviour is conformist
- Control at home ­ housework and childcare impose severe restrictions
on women's time
- Control in public ­ women fear the threat of male violence against them
- Control at work…

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- broken windows stand for all the various signs of disorder and a lack of
concern that are found in some neighbourhoods
- their solution is to adopt a zero tolerance policy, cracking down on small
crimes to prevent and deter bigger ones
Herrnstein and The main cause of crime…

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Pearce Laws that benefit the working class e.g. working place health and safety
laws also benefit the ruling class by keeping workers safe and fit for work
and it gives the ruling class a caring face
Snider The capitalist state is reluctant to pass laws that regulate the activities of…

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- Conflict: Result in high population turn over areas in loosely organised
- Retreatist: Any neighbourhood based on illegal drug use
Schwendinger We should define crime in terms of the violation of basic human rights
rather than the breaking of legal rules
Beck In today's late modern…

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- Location and circumstances
-Life history
Taylor 4 types of suicide:
1. Submissive ­ person is certain about themselves e.g. know they
have no future
2. Thanatation ­ uncertain of themselves e.g. uncertain about what
others think of them, suicide involves risk taking
3. Sacrifice ­ certain about others and…


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