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Crime & Deviance
Sociological Theories
Box ­ the powerful steal from the ordinary but it's not counted as criminal
Gordon ­ the ideology of capitalism encourages crime in all classes
· Culture of greed
· Culture of envy amongst the poor
· A need to win that encourages white…

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Becker ­ there is no such thing as a deviant act, it is relative to the situation as to whether the
act becomes deviant or not.
Holdaway ­ police treat ethnic minorities negatively.
Lement ­ 2 types of crime
· Primary ­ insignificant acts
· Secondary ­ individual is labelled…

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Shaw & Mckay ­ found the 'Concentric Zone Model' in cities and found the 'Transition Zone'
as one of poverty & high crime rates.
Durkheim ­ rise in crime rates is a result in the decline in community.
Hobbs ­ young people in bars & clubs on Friday & Saturday…

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Gordon ­ working class crime is a realistic response to inequality.
Age & Crime
Lyng ­ crime is spur of the moment, therefore anyone of any age could commit crime.
Hirschi ­ older people are less likely to commit because the 4 controls affect them more.
Patterns in Victimisation


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