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Crime and Deviance…read more

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Defining Crime
Legal category - behaviour that violates
criminal law
Relative - shoplifting offences vs. murder
Laws change with time - homosexual
acts in the UK illegal before 1969
Socially defined - alcohol consumption
in Western & Islamic countries…read more

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Defining Crime
"Crime is something that is socially defined
and highly relative. It depends on the laws
in a place in a given society at a particular
point in time, and the way that those laws
are interpreted and enforced"…read more

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Deviant acts ­ acts that are regarded as violating
the accepted standards of community whether they
are legal or illegal e.g. dress code, style of language
Deviance is concerned with those acts that incur
social disapproval
What is normal will vary across time and between
societies e.g. African societies- women naked above
waist, deviance is in the `eye of the beholder'…read more

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Outsiders- Howard Becker (1963)
Social groups create deviance by making the rules, the
infraction of which constitutes deviance
Deviance not quality of the act person commits, but
consequence of application by others of rules & sanctions
to an offender
Deviant is one to whom the label has successfully been
applied; deviant behaviour is behaviour people so label
Broken rule agreed by group, cannot be trusted, viewed
as outsider
Deviance can be regarded as stigma, rejection,
Response of others to a persons act ->some people may
be labelled deviant who in fact have not broken a rule and
some escape apprehension…read more

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Crime Statistics
Crime statistics need to be handled with care
In U.K. crime statistics only refer to indictable
(more serious) crimes known to police
Crime statistics are also affected by the fact that
the way of classifying and counting offences
New offences may be introduced- kerb crawling
1985…read more

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hi on the defining crime powerpoint where did you get the quote from ? 

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