Crime and Punishment Timeline

Hi! I did my best to cover most of the key dates but I’m sure there are many more laws that could be included. I didn’t do Whitechapel really, sorry, because I did notes for that the old-fashioned way. Also, some information might be a bit iffy or put twice (for example I think what I put separately for 1164 and 1166 must be referring to the same thing) but I tried my best to check several sources. There is no sense of grammar in the brackets because I used commas to separate points, so I couldn’t really use punctuation that makes sense in the actual text or I would be confused about where the points are different - you’ll see what I mean. And yes, I know, I should’ve just used semi-colons to separate the points, sorry. That said, resources for edexcel crime and punishment seem to be lacking and I hope that someone finds this useful, despite any mistakes, particularly if – like me – you weren’t taught any of this at school because your teacher somehow got you about six months behind.

Good luck with your exams, I bet you’ll smash them

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Thank you so much!!!