Cricks' Timeline

This is a Family Tree and a timeline of the Crick family, all the information for which was extracted from the Graham Swift's Waterland. The relevant chapters are mentioned.

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The "name of Crick, which in Charles's day was spelt sometimes `Coricke' or `Cricke' can be
found (...) amongst the lists of those summarily dealt with for sabotaging drainage works" ­
About the Fens
James Cricke Samuel Cricke
(mid18th century) (mid 18th century)
John Crick
(2nd/2 18th century)
Peter Crick
(2nd/2 18th century)
Jacob Crick
(? 1789)
grand nephew v
William C.*
(1st/2 19th century)*
Joseph C.* Francis C.*
(1st/2 19th century)*
Distant descent n
George Crick Henry Crick
(? ­ 1917/18) (? ­ 1947) n
Helen Atkinson
(1896 ­ 1937)
Dick Crick Thomas Crick
(1923 1943) (1927 ?) n

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