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The "name of Crick, which in Charles's day was spelt sometimes `Coricke' or `Cricke' can be
found (...) amongst the lists of those summarily dealt with for sabotaging drainage works" ­
About the Fens

James Cricke Samuel Cricke
(mid18th century) (mid 18th century)

John Crick
(2nd/2 18th century)

Peter Crick…

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1748 rebuild Denver Sluice

"...repairing the west bank..."

"...scouring the Jackwater Drain and cutting the new Middle Drain..."

1748 starts work at Stump Corner mills

1820 digging new channel

1822 works Scott's Drain steam pump
employed by Thomas Atkinson

1917 summons to war
1918 shipped home
1922 marries Helen Atkinson…


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