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English: Craft of the Writer
The poems:
Comparing 2 set poems
Comparing one set poem with one of your choice
The Prose (short stories):
Comparing or contrasting to stories
Inform, explain describe:
1. Information is factual
Use straight forward language to convey essential information
Present tense
Third person
Factual writing
Impersonal pronouns and nouns
Limited space requires concise style
Refer to who, what, where, when, why, how
Description additional to information
Single topic
2. Explanation is factual, but with more detail
Present tense
Impersonal voice
Time connectives
Causal connectives
Sentences often complex
Title tells reader what the topic is about
Begins with general statements to introduce the topic
Uses a step by step order
Often accompanied by diagrams
Paragraphs indicate significant stages
3. Description is usually about how something makes you feel
Thoughts and feelings are important
Try and think about using the sorts of devices you have seen in poetry and literature,
eg metaphor, simile, imagery etc.
Use a variety of sentence lengths
Use powerful verbs
Use figurative language
Use punctuation for effect
Use adjectives and adverbs for effect
Use language that appeals to the senses (sight, smell, touch, sound, taste) to help
create imagery
Use paragraphs for effect
Be aware of the PAF (Purpose, Audience, Format)
Use rhetorical devices to interest the reader
Plan an effective opening, development and closure to your piece
Use cohesive devices (synonyms, repetition, use of contrast etc.)


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