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How to crack analysis questions.
· First, read the question
· Identify the key terms in the question.
· Link the key term to the case study and try to figure out
the part of the syllabus it comes from.
· Find the focal point of the question, i.e. is it analysis,
asses, evaluate, etc.
· List out your answers in a structure that will be easier to
arrange your points
· Try to give a double sided analysis to give a justified
· Even though you feel that it is all bad about the
question or all good, try and find the other side of it.…read more

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At the conclusion, make your decision known to the examiner
and don't be afraid to give your viewpoints, for these will get
the examiner thinking u r a smart kid.…read more

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The nut cracker for evaluation questions.
· Its all about the case study, read the case study and highlight evaluate
worthy points.
· Remember evaluation is assessing the relevance of the strategies or
policies or whatever it is.
· These questions are usually looking for your opinions and what you
think so give it to the examiner, be bold and state whatever it is you
need to.
· But don't forget that whatever thing / answer has to have some
structure to it for the examiner to flow or else they will be bored to
· Give them some extracts and key facts from the case study.
· Go ahead to unwrap those extract, like expand on them and analyse
them and maybe apply them to everyday life (that's where your Aos
will come from).
· Don't forget to conclude................................ Its all about that
and remember to re-evaluate and briefly talk about your discussed
point. This gives your conclusion a good grip onto the cliff when the
sea is washing it away.…read more


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