Cracking, Polymers & The Production of Ethanol - C1.5 Core Chemistry AQA

Useful Substances From Crude Oil - C1.5 Chapter 5 Unit 1 Biology AQA

Notes include:

-Cracking of Hydrocarbons,


- The Production of Ethanol.

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Useful Substances from Crude Oil C1.5 AQA Core Chemistry

Cracking Hydrocarbons
Crude oil is mostly made up of long chain lengths, however the shorter chained
hydrocarbons are much more useful as fuel as they are more easily combusted.
Longer chained alkanes can be shortened by cracking.
Alkanes are saturated hydrocarbons…

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Producing Ethanol Via Hydration
There are two ways of producing ethanol, via the hydration of ethene and/or the
fermentation of sugar.
The process of hydration involves reacting ethene with steam over a hot catalyst to
produce ethanol.

An advantage of using hydration as a process to produce ethanol is…


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