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A Level mark guide I have compiled to aid you in getting the A grades!

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How are Your Practical Writeups marked?
Introduction. (5marks)
The introduction should explain to the reader the science behind the practical.
This section is out of (3 marks) marks that are qualitatively assessed and should
cover the main physiological aspects of your investigation, arriving at a hypothesis
and null hypothesis (1mark), and identification of dependent and independent
variables (1 mark).
Health and safety (3 marks)
This section should be presented as a table which considers both the hazard (1 mark), the outcome of the hazard if
it is realised (1 mark), and how you reduced or controlled the hazard and is therefore (1mark) if any of these
sections are incomplete expect to lose a mark. You also have to discuss any ethical considerations that need to be
made when dealing with live organisms and how you ensured that animal well being was ensured.
Use of apparatus skilfully and safely (2marks)
You will find an addition to this section on your marked report. This is an observed grade awarded by your tutor on
observing how safe and methodical you were when performing the practical
Method (5 marks)
This section should include a detailed apparatus list, a diagram of apparatus if appropriate and a clear description of
the procedure you used. Remember you must use clear bulleted statements avoiding the use of personal tenses such
as we or I, all units must be stated, and how observations are recorded and to what degree of accuracy must be
described. 3 marks are awarded for including all these requirements and two qualitative marks will be awarded by
your tutor for clarity (essentially these 2 marks are awarded for clear instructions that could be repeated without
mistakes by another scientist (1) and secondly does the method detail how apparatus is used e.g. if the student says
that the number of heart beats are recorded they should say every minute ensuring precision by using a stop clock).
Results (1 mark)
This should include a table of results with primary statistical analysis such as the calculation of a mean. The table
should be formatted correctly. Show consistency in results (e.g. to two decimal places), and have all appropriate
units in with column headers This section is worth one mark the absence of any of these points will cost you that
Discussion (6marks)
You need to include in your right up a graph which is accurately plotted and clearly shows the trends in your data
(1marks). You have to describe the trends shown by your data including any correlations (1mark)
You have to discuss how the results occurred based on using scientific knowledge which should be present in the
introduction (1mark).You should reach a conclusion based on the trend in data and therefore accept either the
hypothesis or null hypothesis (1mark). You tutor will award four marks for the above plus a further two qualitative
marks for a full well written discussion (these two marks are for a well written set of prose (1) that includes
appropriate technical terms)
Evaluation (8 marks)
This section should identify and discuss any anomalies in the data (1 mark). You should consider the reliability,
accuracy and validity of the method and the impact they have on the results (6marks) [statement of each e.g `the

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