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GCE Biology Coursework
Guidelines for teachers.
Issued December 2011

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Suitable tasks for AS 3 Biology Guidelines to ensure task is of
appropriate technical and
intellectual demand for AS

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Unit A2 3: Assessment of Investigational and Practical Skills in
Many of the topics used at AS can also be used at A2, however at A2 a complete
investigation is undertaken including planning and statistical analysis.

A variety of suitable tasks for A2 Biology include:
FUri o

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Marking guidelines for AS3 Biology

A: Implementing Award 1 mark if: Award 0 marks if:
A 1.1 Skilful handling of apparatus and materials
A 1.2

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DAS3 Biology
Marking guidelines for : E

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Marking guidelines for A23 Biology

A1: Developing a hypothesis Award 1 mark if: Award 0 marks if:


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ha3ng guidelinesA3: Planning for analysis


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