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Doing a brilliant A2 Biology Coursework in Ecology.

The A2 coursework builds on what you did at AS, but with some added twists:
all your marks must come from one investigation (no pick & choose!),
you need to state a proper hypothesis,
you must use a correct statistical test for…

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you present you ideas clearly and logically, using
technical terms where appropriate

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Write your method Use numbered steps,
Use the future (impersonal) tense, e.g.:
`50 dogwhelks will be chosen ...'
Work individually, under supervision
Give clear details of method, apparatus &
precautions (as if someone else had to follow your
Explain your choice of technique
Explain any necessary preliminary checks (e.g.…

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Describe the pattern / trend Most studies show some trend: even if it is C4
shown by your graph `nonsignificant' it is still a trend!
Do consider the details, as well as the basic `up' or
`down' ­ this is A2, after all!

Now that evil statistical test! Either do…


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