Cosmological Argument Revision - Kalam version and Sufficient Reason.

A revision powerpoint clearly setting out the Kalam version and Leibniz's Sufficient reason argument.

Relevant scholars and quotes.

Criticisms and evaluative comments.

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Kalam and Sufficient…read more

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Seeks to find an explanation for the
existence of the universe in the form of a
creator God.
Begins a posteriori; meaning it depends
on evidence or some kind of experience
from the world.
Then is a priori; takes this evidence or
experience of the specific and applies it to
the general using logic.…read more

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Kalam Argument
Stems from Islam and more recently
reformulated by William Lane Craig into
this syllogism:
Whatever begins to exist has a cause.
The Universe began to exist.
Therefore, the Universe has a cause.
Syllogism: 2 premises ­ which, when
tied together, form a conclusion.…read more

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Kalam Argument ­ "Whatever
begins to exist has a cause."
Support for this premise comes from that it
is intuitively obvious ­ it is more
plausible than its denial - and so the
burden of proof lies on those who
attempt to argue that there is no cause.…read more

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Kalam Argument ­ "The
Universe began to exist."
Must be able to distinguish between actual
infinites and potential infinites.
The future is a potential infinite. Days are
added and could, potentially, continue to be
added forever.
An actual infinite is different in that one
never begins to count, and the counting
never stops. With an actual infinite you
can't start or finish counting because there
is no beginning and no end.…read more

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Kalam Argument ­ "The
Universe began to exist."
A lot of philosophers reject the idea of
actual infinites, arguing that they aren't
simply aren't possible in the real world.
Can only ever be seen as a mathematical
and theoretical concept.
So if actual infinites are impossible, then
the universe cannot be infinitely old,
meaning it must have begun at some point
(potentially infinite).
We conclude then that the Universe must
have a cause of its existence.…read more

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