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Research methods ­
Basic description;
Correlation is used to establish wither there is a relationship between two variables. This
measurement of the two variables does not involve any manipulation; therefore it is very useful
technique when variables cannot be manipulated for practical or ethical reasons.

Strengths of correlation;

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+1.0 Perfect positive
+0.8 Strong positive
+0.5 Moderate positive
+0.2 Weak positive
0 Zero correlation
-0.2 Weak negative
-0.5 Moderate negative
-0.8 Strong negative
-1.0 Perfect negative
Correlation coeffiants
A correlation coeffiants refers to a number between -1 and +1 and states how strong a correlation is.

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Null statement ­ There will be no significant correlation between [variable 1]
(measured by [something]) and [variable 2] (measured by [something]).

Two tailed statement ­ There will be a significant correlation between [variable 1]
(measured by [something]) and [variable 2] (measured by [something]).


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