Coronary Heart Diseases

What is coronary heart diseases? 

What are the causes and risk factors of CHD? 

How can we prevent from coronary heart diseases? 

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Coronary Heart Disease
What is coronary heart disease (CHD)?
Heart disease caused by blockage of coronary arteries that supply heart muscle with blood.
With CHD, glucose and oxygen is not transported to the heart muscle, therefore the heart can't keep
contracting. This will lead to heart attack.
What are the causes and risk factors of CHD?
Healthy arteries - smooth lining, blood flows easily
1. Cholesterol (made from liver) and other fatty
deposits (atheroma) break away from artery wall.
2. Atheroma deposits build up in the artery.
3. Atheroma blocks / narrow the artery completely, blood
flow along the artery stops.
When the artery is narrower, artery walls can become rough,
causing the blood to clot and block the vessel.
Other risk factors for CHD
Eating a diet with excessive (animal) fat
Increase the concentration of cholesterol in the blood
Being over-weight
Taking little / no exercise
Genes (families and racial group)
Inherited from parents; genes controlling the metabolism of fat and cholesterol
Age - Older the age, the more likely to get CHD
Sex - Chances of men getting CHD > Chances of woman
How do we prevent CHD?
Take care of diet
- More poultry (white meat) and fish (less fatty)
- Less red meat
- Cut down fried foods
- More fresh fruit and vegetables
Regular exercises
No smoking


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