Coronary Heart Disease mind map

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reduce likelihood of blood
clotting and blockages
Squashes/flattens fatty plaque in
narrowed artery
Reduce blood pressure
replaces damaged sections of the Balloon and stint
Less force, wear and tear and
heart less likely to develop atheromas
Major surgery
Coronary Artery Bypass
Advise people
unhealthy diet too much alcohol
Stop smoking
High risk Treatments lose weight
Family history
Modify diet
Ask about lifestyle
Risk assessment Less salt and sat fat constricted blood flow to the heart
Given anaesthetic in arm/groin, where the
catheter with pass through into artery
High risk if family members
Angiogram have heart problems/CHD
build up of fatty deposits
Using x-ray, the catheter will be guided Diagnostic Techiniques Causes
through vessels to the heart
Circulatory System
Radio Opaque Dye passed through catheter series of x-rays taken
MRI Scan (Coronary Heart Disease)
Risk of atherosclerosis
3D image of the heart Electrocardiogram (ECG) because of-
high blood pressure
Shows narrowing and blockages PQRST wave
Wired up to the machine
Easy to see blockages genetic predisposition
no exercise
and damage High cholesterol
Can see the electrical excitation in Obesity/overweight
the heart
Gel used for good contact
Heart failure
Heart becomes too
weak to pump
Can compare this to averages Light headedness
can be a mild,
Angina uncomfortable feeling
unusual breathing similar to indigestion
Heart Attack
Can cause feeling of heaviness or tightness
May cause person to collapse
and they may become sweaty, Pain in the chest and Cramp/tight/crushing pain
breathless, pale can be felt down the


Sam Morran

Good amount of detail particularly on diagnostics.  Lots of information for revision.

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