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Ecologism: ecology
The term ecology refers to the study of organisms being `at home' or `in their habitats. This
is formed on the belief that all plants and animals are sustained through self-regulating
eco systems. All ecosystems tend to lean towards a state of harmony. However, all
ecosystems are inter…

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Ecologism: Holism
Traditional politics has normally simply regarded nature as little more than an economic resource. In
the seventeenth century, philosophers were beginning to understand the world as a machine whose
parts can be analysed and understood, rather than organic. However, some have argued that humans
beings are a part…

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matters more than that of any individual species presently living upon it. Species that pose a threat to
the balance as humans do, are likely to be extinguished.

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Ecologism: Sustainability
Mainstream political parties have articulated that human life has unlimited possibilities for material
growth and prosperity. Science and technology are constantly solving problems such as poverty and
disease. However, the idea of unlimited prosperity is considered misguided and a cause of
environmental disaster. Therefore green economics requires assumptions…

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the origin of the ecological crisis lies within materialism, then the solution lies in `zero growth' and
construction of a `post-industrial' age. A `return to nature'.

Ecologism: environmental ethics
Ecology is concerned with extending moral thinking. This is because conventional ethical systems are
anthropocentric. For example Utilitarianism evaluates good and…

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Ecologism: Self actualization
Ecology adopts an alternative philosophy that links personal fulfilment to a balance with nature. This
idea suggested on Maslow's `hierarchy of needs', places the need for self-actualization above
material or economic needs. The conditions of widespread prosperity allow individuals to express
more interest in `quality of life'…


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