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Isobel Wilson


Human Nature
Pessimistic view of human nature.
The deepest conservatives take the Roman Catholic view that humankind is born
with original sin and must therefore remain severely flawed in character. However
much individuals try, they will be unable to achieve perfection.
Individuals are driven by basic appetites.…

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Isobel Wilson

Ever since Hobbes, conservatives have preferred strong government and have
tended to favour the community's needs for security over the rights of
individuals-2012 burglar law change.
Edmund Burke criticised the French Revolution saying that it sacrificed order and
security in order to impost abstract theories which were premature,…

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Isobel Wilson

principle, the party was opposed to the reforms, but it had to recognise that they
were both popular and seemingly successful. It therefore reached a pragmatic
approach to retain Labour's radical initiatives.


Old Sir


A succinct and useful introduction to the central themes within Conservative philosophy.

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