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Moonisah Mirza

Chemistry core science:

1. Draw and atom and label it.

2. What is an element? They are substance made up of only one type of atom.

3. What is a compound? They are substances made up of different atoms.

4. What does the formula Fe2 O3 tell you…

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Moonisah Mirza

19. Why is pure iron soft? The atoms arranged in pure iron are in layer so they can slide over each other
easily, this, makes it soft and easily shaped.

20. What is an alloy? An alloy is a metal that contains other elements.

21. Describe how the…

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Moonisah Mirza

37. What is a mixture? Crude oil is a mixture of many compounds; most of the compounds consist of
molecules made up of carbon and hydrogen-hydrocarbons.

38. What are hydrocarbons? Molecules made up of carbon and hydrogen.

39. What is the difference between alkanes and alkenes? Alkanes are…

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Moonisah Mirza

52. What is the difference between saturated and unsaturated molecule? Saturated hydrocarbon cannot
bond with compounds anymore; whereas unsaturated hydrocarbons can bond, as they contain
double or triple bonds.

53. How in the lab can we test to see which is unsaturated? Bromine water is used to test…

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Moonisah Mirza

67. What is the structure of the earth? The earth is nearly spherical; it has a layered structure that
consists of a thin crust, mantle and a core.

68. How does the crust move? The crust moves around the mantle, natural radioactive processes in the
mantle cause heat…


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