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Managing Climate Change

Adaptive Capacity: the extent to which a system can cope with climate change. In human systems it
depends on available human physical and financial resources.

Climate vulnerability: the degree to which a natural or human system lack the ability to cope with
climate change. Vulnerability is a…

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Fears about energy supply
Increased moves by governments towards taxing carbon emissions
Demands from investors, such as pensions funds, for companies to become environment
Renewable energy, hybrid cars and energy efficient appliance, which represent new markets
The stern review concluded that it was more sensible to invest in mitigation…

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Switching your energy supplier to one using renewable sources
Energy efficiency in the home, such as using energy efficient light bulbs.
Switching every light bulb in London to energy efficient ones would save 575,000 tonnes of CO2
emissions every year.
However issues with it are, that asking everyone to reduce…


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