Coordinate Geometry for Additional Maths notes (FSMQ)

I wrote this out in order to understand the topic so it makes sense :) Thought it might be useful for other people doing the exam.

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Coordinate Geometry:
Infinite gradient (x=n)
Positive gradient
No gradient (x=0, y=infinite)
Negative gradient
Finding the gradient:
A = (x,y)
B = (x,y)
y-y y-y
Gradient = Change in y
Change in x = x-x = x-x
Note that tan also = gradient
FSMQ Maths 2011-2012

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Finding the perpendicular line:
y=mx+c (you are trying to find the perpendicular gradient to this)
If m is called m so the perpendicular line will be called m for clarity.
Let's say the gradient of a line is -2 and we are trying to find the perpendicular line.…read more

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When there is a known gradient and one point ­
Use the equation y-y = m(x-x)
This is best explained with an example:
Find the equation of the line with gradient 3 which passes through (2, 5) in the form
y=mx+c.…read more


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