Conversion and corporate experiences

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Conversion and corporate experiences
Conversion as evidence for God
Inner experience is not empirically detectable BUT resulting changes
in behaviour are something that can be empirically observed
Change to occur so dramatically over days and weeks is for many
believers a powerful piece of evidence for the existence of God
James: argued that truth is to be found in the results
Psychological views on conversion
Sometimes crisis type events can cause rapid transformation, so
conversion could be seen in the same psychological light
Edwin Starbucks
Drew parallels between conversion and the normal process of finding
our identity in adolescence
Non-religious adolescents appear to go through similar stages of
anxiety and depression before finding happy relief/sense of identity
Corporate religious experiences
Religious experience that happens simultaneously to number of
Toronto Blessing in 1994: large number of people reported being
affected by the Holy Spirit= uncontrollable weeping, laughing,
rolling on the floor & animal sounds
Mass hysteria?
May seem more impressive as there are a number of people having
the experience
Private ones are impossible to verify


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