Controlling Internal Body Conditions/Homeostasis

Revision notes on homeostasis. 

- Temperature Control

- Waste products and removal, eg. carbon dioxide, urea, water and ions

HOWEVER controlling blood glucose concentration and diabetes are NOT in here, as I have much better notes on those separately. 

Hope its helpful!

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Functions in your body to keep the internal environment as constant
as possible and working effectively.

Removing Waste Products

Waste Products: Carbon dioxide (produced by respiration, leaves the
body via the lungs when we breathe out)
Urea (produced by the liver in the breakdown of excess
amino acids, removed…

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Temperature receptors in the skin send impulses to the centre giving
it information about the skin temperature.

To cool down: Sweat glands release more sweat.
This cools the body while the sweat evaporates from
the skin using the body's heat. More water is lost when it
is hot, and more…


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