Controlling Blood Glucose Concentration and Diabetes

Notes on controlling blood glucose concentration and the treatment of Diabetes, Type One & Type 2.  

Also includes information about what each form of diabetes is and the separate ways it should be treated, as well as future cures and information about Banting and Best. 

Hope its all helpful!

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Blood Glucose Levels and Diabetes
Blood glucose concentrations in the body are monitored and
controlled by the pancreas.
Blood glucose levels are high after you have eaten a meal. This causes
the hormone (and protein) insulin to be released from the pancreas.
This causes the liver to remove any glucose that is not needed from
the body. Blood glucose is soluble, but it is converted into the
INSOLUBLE glycogen and is stored in the liver.
Blood glucose levels fall due to exercise, eating too little, too much
insulin etc. To treat this, the pancreas releases the hormone
glucagon. Glucagon makes your liver break down glycogen into
glucagon. Stored sugar in the form of glycogen is then released back
into the blood (think recycled!).
Diabetes is a disease which means a person's blood glucose levels
may rise, sometimes, fatally, high because no or not enough insulin is
produced by the pancreas.
High blood sugar in Diabetes leads to: sugar being present in the
Feeling thirsty all of the time because
lots of urine is produced.
Glucose cannot get into the cells, so
you lack energy, causing you to feel tired.
You break down fat and protein to
use as fuel instead of glucose, so you
being to lose weight.
Type One Diabetes is the genetic disease. It can only be treated
through injections and careful monitoring of diet. It takes many
years and a lot of effort to control effectively.
Type Two Diabetes is the form of the disease you develop if you are
overweight or in old age. It can be treated by careful attention to diet.
This means avoiding carbohydrate rich foods so the reduced amount
of insulin can cope with small amounts of glucose in the blood
Insulin cannot be taken as a tablet. This is because it is a protein. It
would be digested in the stomach, so the tablet-form of insulin would
never get to the blood steam.
Banting and Best

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Banting and Best, in the 1920s, were two scientists who made some
dogs diabetic by removing most of their pancreas. They then
extracted insulin from the pancreases of other dogs.
Many dogs died in the experiment, although the results meant that a
treatment was developed for a disease which has killed millions of
people over the centuries.
Notes about Treatment and Cures
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