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On the 17th September 2013 we, as a geography class, travelled to
Shepherds Bush to collect fieldwork data for our controlled
assessment based on the Westfield's shopping complex. With this
controlled assessment and any data we collected on the trip we
were trying to prove/disprove our hypothesis of: "The development
of the Westfield's shopping complex has had a negative impact on
the local environment".…read more

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Hazard Management Overall Risk
Traffic Use pedestrian crossings, wait for the traffic lights to Medium
turn red, walk don't run.
Getting lost Follow teachers and listen to their instructions, don't Low
wander out of bounds (from what the teacher has set).
Dangers at the Obey all signs at the stations, stay behind yellow lines, Medium
train stations stand sensibly ­ no pushing or shoving.…read more

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Questionnaire Primary A local To get an overall To see what people People may
resident, of people's views generally thought of be on their
questions in the area using the area now way
mainly closed Westfield's has somewhere
questions with been built. and we might
option answers to be interrupting
get an average them on a
answer for each busy
question. schedule.…read more

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In this section I will be talking about each piece of data we collected and how it can help to
prove/disprove our hypothesis.
We went to four different sites around the Shepherd's Bush Green to see what methods of transport the
general public where using. On the four graphs below, blue represents the information picked up in the
morning and the red shows the data that was collected from the afternoon.…read more

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A lot less traffic passed through Site 2 (shown in the graph above), due to it being away from the Green
and a quiet little road used mainly for housing rather that shops. We stood opposite the newly
developed library, showing a positive impact of Westfield's as now more money is available to create
this new leisure, and opposite the back entrance to the complex itself.…read more

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We asked our questionnaire to 100 people overall. Out of those people 47% were male and 53% were
male. We also them to give the age between a certain bracket, 68% of the people we asked were
between the ages of 2640, 14% where over 40 and 17% where between 1725.…read more

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During our investigation, we interviewed people
who worked and lived in the area to get an
understanding of what they thought about the
area in greater depth. Our first interview was
with a market stall owner.
Since Westfield's has been built, have you Umm, no not really, just a bit more rubbish on the
noticed any changes in the quality of the streets.…read more

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How has the Westfield's development affected Yes, it has improved lots but it hasn't changed
vandalism and shoplifting in the area? Have you due to Westfield's ­ there are just more policeman
had problems? around.
Have you noticed a change in the people visiting Yeah, more people, more customers, same type
Shepherd's Bush since Westfield's opened? of people.
How has Westfield's development affect the They remade it so it is better, renovated
green areas? everything, before it was terrible, you wouldn't go
there at night.…read more

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