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The first is through Parliamentary controls. This occurs at three stages, and applies to
statutory instruments.
An Enabling Act is required to give the government minister authority to act. If there is no
Enabling Act, then the minister cannot make laws. Usually the Enabling Act will lay down a

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Either an affirmative resolution or a negative resolution is needed before a statutory
instrument becomes law. Affirmative resolutions require Parliament to vote their approval of
the statutory instrument before it can become law. This is needed for example with the
Codes of Practice issued for the police under the Police…

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when the Enabling Act had given councils the power to punish people singing obscene songs
generally. The power should have been limited to public places.

Thirdly the courts can declare that the incorrect procedures for introducing the delegated
legislation were followed. In one case called Aylesbury Mushrooms, a training board…


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