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National curriculum *Maths & science (logic) key to CD!
Key stages & sets cater for all!
Little abstract thinking in primary
*Shayer--abstract thought essential
for progress at secondary level.

Readiness *Hard to judge--subjective (Einstein)
*Brainerd '83--with appropriate help
children can conserve.
*Child--Readiness is pessimistic!

Concrete materials/age appropriate toys
*Used widely…

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Peer tutoring *Barnier '89--6-7 yr olds helped by 7-8 yr olds
spatial tasks quicker--best tutors just a bit
*Ellis et al. '92--PT equally helpful
(Navaho/white American) but tutoring styles
varied (Navahos more patient & less verbal).
*Blaye '91--PT works better in 11 yr olds
computer programs…

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variety of methods are needed on a task.
*Bennett et al. '91--kids less competitive
& status seeking in groups but not all are
equally helped (lower class & shy).

Intersubjectivity Kunsche--v effective when students of
differing levels work together
*Widely used in political, racial & religious
discussions to encourage tolerance.


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