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Rio de Janeiro: city of contrasts
The former Brazilian capitol is set in
one of the world's most beautiful
locations.…read more

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Busy rush-hour crowds scramble across Avenida Presidente
Vargas in downtown Rio. The banking district is a shining
example of the contradictions of the city, where cellphone-
wired professionals walk the same streets as a huge
homeless population.…read more

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Rio's Rocinha slum. Estimates of the population
in the hill-side shantytown vary from three to five
hundred thousand, making it one of South
America's largest slums.…read more

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Crowds form around the bodies of two thieves killed on the
street by Rio de Janeiro state police after the men robbed a
nearby pharmacy. One police officer was charged with
murder for the illegal street-side executions which were
captured by TV cameras at the scene…read more

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