Contrasts and Similarities between Hermia and Helena


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Contrasts and Similar between Hermia and Helena
Helena and Hermia were both thought to be fair through out
Athenes. Helena is foolish for love because she tells Demetrius
she doesn't mind if he treats her
as a spaniel as long as she was
close to him.
Helena blames herself because
Demetrius doesn't love her But
Hermia blamed Helena when
Lysander left her.
Hermia is known to be short and
dark but Helena is tall for a
women and blonde.
They both love someone truly
much and would do anything to
have them back.
Helena thinks she is ugly even
though she was also know to be
the fair on through the city.
Hermia has a father named Egeus
but in Midsummer Night Stream
Helena's father was not
mentioned or maybe she didn't
have one.
Helena and Hermia's relationship
has changed completely, entirely because of the effect of the
love potion on Lysander and Demetrius.
The friendship shown before the argument contrasts greatly to
the hostility afterwards. The change has been for the worse,
completely destroying the women's trust in each other, and all
because of a fight between two men, caused by a mischievous
spirit, Puck.


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