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Contraception: A range of EMERGENCY (morning after NATURAL CONTRACEPTION
methods used to prevent a pill) CATHOLIC VIEW FOR-Only
woman conceiving and having CATHOLIC VIEW AGAINST- methods that Catholics
children. because Catholics believe life accept. They believe that
starts on conception they see these are methods given by
ARTIFICIAL (condoms) it as murder. God to help a couple to plan a
CATHOIC VIEW AGAINST- as PROTESTANT VIEW FOR- they family & do not completely
they see it is a barrier to new accept that it may be prevent the possibility of new
life and against the command necessary to use in some life.
`have many children'. circumstances e.g: rape. PROTESTANT VIEW FOR ­
PROTESTANT VIEW FOR- is Accepts within marriage
that they approve of within along with artificial
marriage as allows a couple contraception.
to develop intimacy and
express love through sex.


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