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I made a article on continental drift so hope it helps !!

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Wegener's Hypothesis continental Drift
In this year of 1926, Alfred Wegener discovered the hypothesis of the Pangaea. This was the first
theory to be created and have some evidence to back the view up.
Wegener describes the theory of continental drift as convection currents that have created, 200
million years ago, a huge land mass called the Pangaea. The Pangaea theory is one that states that
all present continents were once together and collectively known as a 'supercontinent' called a
Although this theory was put forward in a meeting
with Alfred's fellow scientists, they widely
criticized it since he had no evidence to back up
how the Pangaea broke up and how the continents
shifted into their current positions. Wegner's only
theory about continental drift was that He
supposed the cause may be the centrifugal force of
the Earth's rotation or the astronomical precession.
In some of his work though, Wegener also speculated on seafloor spreading and the role of the
midocean ridges, stating: "the MidAtlantic Ridge ... zone in which the floor of the Atlantic, as
it keeps spreading, is continuously tearing open and making space for fresh, relatively fluid
and hot sima rising from depth."However, he did not pursue these ideas in his later works which
could have lead him to a scientific discovery and great evidence that all continents are moving apart.
Alfred Wegener first thought of this idea by noticing that the different large landmasses of the Earth
almost fit together like a jigsaw. The Continental shelf of the Americas fit closely to Africa and
Europe, and Antarctica, Australia, India and Madagascar fit next to the tip of Southern Africa.
When Wegener proposed this it wasn't considered to be
sufficient evidence in itself. He analyzed either side of the
Atlantic Ocean for rock type, geological structures and
fossils. He noticed that there was a significant similarity.
We believe that this neglected theory was true as he had
some evidence and no one treid to look into it further.
The way he explained it felt like he knew what he was
talking about.
Alfred Wegner's theory should be published as it may not be the first
theory about continnetal drift to be neglected, but his explanation was
different from the others and the way he knew most of his information
it looked very proffessional.
On behalf of all the German Times we have decided that this theory
should be publisdhed and if not it will be published in our next paper!


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