Contextual linking World War One- role of women

Here are some quoties i have gathered from prose, play and drama highlighting the role of women, specifically for contextual linkin part of the exam:)

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Accrington pals
"I never believed the war would make a difference like this. There's money
around. The mills are, muntions and there's a shop you
could have for really low rents" (MAY)
"The men are being displaced. Now there's conscription coming and women are
taking they're jobs they'll have to go" (EVA)
"I've found the shop I've been looking for and it's beautiful"
"The war! Eva! May! We've won! I've got the paper, we're through the lines"
"They take it on themselves to decide what we hear about and what we don't"
"We're going together, that's all"
"I should have loved you" (MAY to TOM)
"but he's an artist. He's forgetful...he's no soldier"
Oh what a lovely war
"Don't worry we will soon have you back at the front"
All quiet on the Western Front
"she smiles at me so inanely full of her own importance: look at me everybody
im giving a soldier a cup of coffee. She even addresses me as her comrade"
"You don't understand and never will. And I don't want you to"
"A while a go Henireich Bredmeyer was here and he told us stories about how
terrible it was out there"
"Oh mother they say all sort of things you can see I am in one piece and I've put
on weight"
"The company has fallen in"
"you need it more here"
"When he was gone, I couldn't believe it"
"she worked in the factories making detonators. Twelve hours shifts, six days a
week but she liked the work and it paid well"
"I was earning 10 bob before the war"
Willard's wife's life is restricted to looking after her husband- "Willard has got
his wife to push him as far as the gates"
"you're a war profiteer mam"
"she did not know much about the war"
"she was furious with herself, the war...everything"
Strange meeting
"he had been unhappy at home, where he could to talk to no one, where no one
"Although in England you could not tell exactly what was happening only the
official reports came through the newspapers"
"if I am fighting on behalf of anyone it is for those who have died. Not those
living at home"

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Sassoon- the glory of women
"you make us shells" ­ women supported war
"you listen with delight to tails of dirt and danger, fondly thrilled"- fical
attitudes of women
"Oh german mother, dreaming by the fire, knitting socks to send to her son
who's face is trodden deeper in the mud"- war impedes on both sides, people at
home saw war in a unrealistic way
Wilfred Owen- disabled
"He thought- he'd better join- he wanders why.…read more


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