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'of mice of men'

Laura Hamid

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The great 4
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The great depression

The great depression started with the stock market crash in 1929. This lead to the stock exchange collaspsing, investor began to worry so they
startedsell their share which made the situation a lot worst.

Businessess when out of bussiness in 1930, there were many jobs losses, poverty…

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Because of excessive farming on land, the grojng were drying and becoming infertile and thks lead to crop failures. These were called dust bowl.

Men worked on the farms all day

Many farmers had borrowed money from the banks to buy modern machinesfor their farms.

The men took temporary jobs…

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black people were at the bottom of the list of who to help.

They tried to get out poverty by sticking together but accused of crimes.


Women were exoected to stay at home at look after the house, children, cook, clean and wash the house they were also expected…


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