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A04 The Pardoner's Tale
Chaucer was a 'commoner' in a highly hierarchical society until he married a woman of a high
social class at the age of 22.
Chaucer's move from different levels of society is represented in his wide range of characters,
from the pilgrims to the higher…

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A04 Doctor Faustus
BORN IN CANTERBURY IN 1564, the same year as William Shakespeare, Christopher Marlowe was an actor, poet, and
playwright during the reign of Britain's Queen Elizabeth I
Marlowe was suspected of having converted to Catholicism, a forbidden faith in late-sixteenth-century England,
where Protestantism was the state-supported…

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A04 Othello
Black was traditionally the colour of evil and of the devil according to both biblical and mythological sources.
Interracial marriages would have been shocking-Othello is a cultural and racial outsider in Venice
Women were viewed as possessions who were financially dependent upon their fathers until they were…


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