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Unit 4 Revision…read more

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· What you need to know:
· Types of depression.
· Symptoms of depression.
· How depression is diagnosed.
· Problems of diagnosis.
· Biological explanations- neurotransmitters,
hormones, bio-rhythms.
· Psychological explanations- PD, Beh, Cog.
· Treatments.…read more

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Types of Depression
· Uni-polar/clinical- most common.
· Bi-polar- depressive episodes and mania
· Post-partum or post-natal- after having had a
· Seasonal Affective Disorder- changes in
number of daylight hours.…read more

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Types of Depression
· DSM IV lists two sub types which are helpful.
· Major Depressive Disorder (MDD)- severe clinical
depression that is not often long lasting- months
usually rather than years.
· Dysthymic Disorder (DD) less severe for most of the
time but chronic. Usually the depressive episode has
lasted two or more years and symptoms persist. No
more than 2 months without symptoms.…read more

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Diagnosis- the symptoms- DSM IV
· One of two symptoms must be present:
· Depressed or low mood for a period of at least
two weeks.
· Loss of pleasure or interest in life and things
found enjoyable before.…read more

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· There then needs to be 3 or 4 of the following:
· Inability to sleep/ sleeping too much.
· Change in appetite and weight change.
· Fatigue.
· Feelings of guilt or worthlessness.
· Persistent thoughts of death and suicide.
· Feeling restless or agitated.
· Poor concentration.…read more

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