Consumer & Employment Rights

Revision pack on consumer and employment rights

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3. Consumer and Employment rights and responsibilities
Consumer rights
Consumer A person who buys goods or services.
Citizens Advice Bureau An organisation that offers free advice on consumer and
other legal matters
Office of Fair Trading A government office that can take action against traders
who break the law
Trading Standards Department An official body that enforces consumer based laws
We are all consumers as we all buy goods and services. Consumer law protects the
consumer from companies that might sell them damaged goods or that might make
promises they don't keep. Examples of the laws protecting consumers are:
The Trade Descriptions Act ­ makes it a criminal offence for shops or
producers to make misleading claims about goods or services
The Sale and Supply of Goods Act ­ goods sold must be of a satisfactory
quality and fit for the purpose advertised
Consumers have the right to receive a refund for a faulty good from the shop
where they bought it. They should be able to prove that they bought the good
from that shop, usually by producing a receipt.
Consumers have the responsibility to check that goods are suitable before they
buy them and do not have the right to a refund if they change their mind. Many
shops will however give refunds on items that are returned with a receipt, but
legally they are not obliged to do so.
Employment rights
Equal Opportunities The right to be given the opportunity to do things without
discrimination on grounds of gender, race, religion,
disability etc.
Employee A person who works for someone in return for wages.
Discrimination Treating people differently because of their race, religion,
sexuality or age.
Prejudice Judging somebody before you really know them or know
the facts.
Employer A person or company who employs people.
Redundancy The dismissal (sacking) of somebody because there is a
need to cut jobs or move the place of work.
Trade Unions An organisation that has been formed to improve workers'
pay and conditions
Compensation Money given as payment for loss of employment or damage
or injury
Sex Discrimination Act 1975 This law made it unlawful to treat a person less favourably
because of their sex.

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Equal Pay Act 1970 This law made it illegal to pay men and women different
amounts for the same work.
Health and Safety Act 1974 This law made it the responsibility of employers to look
after the safety of their employers.
Contract of employment This is a document that sets out an employee's and
employers' responsibilities for a particular job.
Written warning This follows a verbal warning, and is more serious, if an
employer thinks that the employee has been breaking the
contract of employment.…read more

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Check your understanding ­ learn the key words first!
Consumer rights
1. Explain one right that consumers have when they buy a faulty good.
2. Explain one responsibility that consumers have when they are shopping.
3. Explain one responsibility of shop owners towards consumers.
4. Name one law that protects consumer rights
5. If you bought something from a shop and it was faulty, but the shop refused to
refund your money, what could you do?
Employment Rights
6.…read more


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