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3. Consumer and Employment rights and responsibilities

Consumer rights

Consumer A person who buys goods or services.

Citizens Advice Bureau An organisation that offers free advice on consumer and
other legal matters

Office of Fair Trading A government office that can take action against traders
who break the law


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Equal Pay Act 1970 This law made it illegal to pay men and women different
amounts for the same work.
Health and Safety Act 1974 This law made it the responsibility of employers to look
after the safety of their employers.
Contract of employment This is a document that sets…

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Check your understanding ­ learn the key words first!

Consumer rights
1. Explain one right that consumers have when they buy a faulty good.
2. Explain one responsibility that consumers have when they are shopping.
3. Explain one responsibility of shop owners towards consumers.
4. Name one law that protects…


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