Conservatives Scandals 1960-4


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Conservatives Scandals 1960-4
Apostle's spy scandal
Maclean & Burges volunteer to R spy
Disappeared to Russia when Macmillian was going to arrest
Phiby announced no other pro Russian agents
Himself was a member of the Aposles (Russian supporter group)
'62 left before he was arrested
Profumo affair
War minister affair with Keeler
Keeler tells handlers
Wilson worried so tells Macmillian discretely
"at least woman" ( Vassal gay affair) & asks Profumo but denies it
Wilson- Keeler sleeping with R spy= Danger
Mac- no response
Lucky Gordon attack
Corrupt gov!
Vassal affair
Gay affair with Russian spy
Failed investigate 2 year suspicion
Despite M16 investigating, sensitive material being handled by Vassal
Brown- how could no1 notice? He was living in Dolphin sq. When his salary did not stretch far
Galbriath & Vassal- personal letter- Galbriath resigns because he doesn't want to look gay
(illegal at this time)- Mac imprisons journalists


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