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Key concepts
Hierarchy, elites, individualism, inequality
Organic society, nationalism, patriotism, authority, paternalism
Pragmatism, opposition to ideology, inclusiveness
Libertarianism & authoritarianism
Economic liberalism, protectionism, private property, mixed economy

Debates about the nature of Conservatism

Conservative views & attitudes towards human nature, authority & private property
The different strands of Conservative…

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Psychologically & intellectually limited
Fear isolation & instability- dependent creature
Social order is more important that liberty
Pessimistic view of human nature- original sin
People are selfish & greedy
Law is a deterrent- strong govn't- long prison sentences Whitelaw "short sharp
shock treatment"
Intellectual imperfection- limited
Conservatives are suspicious of…

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Noblesse oblige
Parents have authority over children- paternalism, Burke- the relationship
between citizen & state is like a parent & child

Benjamin Disraeli (1804)
`One nation conservatism'
1845- `Sybil' describes 2 nations rich & poor
Concern about unrest of poor so noblesse oblige, obligation of the nobility-
charity- `the little…

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David Cameron (1966- present)
Compassionate liberal conservative
Cameronism ­ "I don't do isms"
Changing the `nasty party' image
Environmentalism ­ Vote blue, go green (2006 local elections)
think green, vote blue (2010 General elections)
Changed logo from a fist to a tree
2006- The "Built to last" agenda
o Focus…

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o Small government
o Law & order
o Section 28

Compassionate Conservatism
Drug rehabilitation
Hug a hoodie
Protecting NHS
Work life balance
Red Toryism


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