Conservatism Key Words by Roger Scruton

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A2 Government & Politics Conservatism
Key Words by Roger Scruton
Tradition It is substituted for a "considerable lack of theory". It invokes:
Denotes class of intentional actions, together with thoughts,
beliefs and associations
Contains a principle of tradition
Exists not as a specific doctrine but as perceptions of the validity
of an act
Essentially shared, "there are no solitary traditions"
Create a background of shared expectations
Authority A feature of an individual or body that legitimises the acts and commands
made in that name
Property The fullest right that can exist over anything, which includes the right to
possess, use, lend, alienate, consume and destroy
Paternalism Government as by a father ­ supply the needs of people as a father would a
Libertarianism 1) The form of liberalism which believes in freeing people not merely from
the constraints of traditional political institutions but also from inner
2) In economics, radical laissez-faire policy
3) Often used as a name for the metaphysical theory that determinism must
be false, on account of the fact of human freedom
Authoritarianism Advocacy of government based on the established system of authority
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