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I'm not here to defend privilege.
I'm here to spread it.…read more

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When you ask [left wing
establishments] why is a school
failing? Why aren't the children
succeeding? You hear the same
thing over and over again: what
can you expect with children
like these? These children are
disadvantaged...…read more

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They draped themselves in one
flag ...…read more

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Work isn't slavery. It's poverty
that is slavery.
If we did what Labour wanted
and we watered down our plan,
the risk is that the people we
borrow money from would start
to question our ability and our
resolve to pay off our debts.
Some might actually refuse to
lend us money.…read more

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Who suffers when the wealthy
businessman goes to live in
Geneva? Not him; he's paying
half the tax he would if he was
staying here! It's those who
want to work because the jobs,
investment and growth will go
somewhere else.…read more

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Not a hard luck story. A hard
work story.…read more

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Who sold our gold? Who busted
our banks? Who smothered our
businesses? Who racked up our
debts? Who wrecked our
economy? Who ruined our
reputation? Who risked our
future? Who did this? Labour
did this! And our country
should never forget it!
We don't preach about one
nation, but practice class war!…read more

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Because of our welfare cap, no
family will be earning more in
benefits than the average
family earns.…read more



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