An overview of conservatism as an idealogy

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A political or theological orientation advocating the preservation of the best in society
and opposing radical changes
The party of common sense (pragmatism)
Defending tradition
Family Values
Monarchy and class structure (paternalism)
Ideas from abroad (French Revolution)
Too much reform (liberalism)
Feminism, Trade Unions
Butskellism ­ R A Butler and Hugh Gaitskell (Labour) both economic front
benchers. Believed in a mixed economy of private ownership and
nationalisation and total employment ( spent money on the NHS and built
Keynesianism ­ government monetary and fiscal policy intended to stimulate
business and increase employment, named after John Maynard Keynes
Thatcher ­ was very pragmatic to save the economy she privatised industry,
withdrew state subsidies from failing industries, tolerated a rise in
unemployment, sold council housing, put caps on welfare spending and
restricted trade unions this encouraged efficiency and was good for the
economy although it wasn't popular
Countries take time to develop, only the best survives (oak tree/sapling in the
wind analogy)

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We must build on the knowledge and experience of the past ­ Edmund Burke " I
don't believe the older generation when it says fire is dangerous"
Tradition gives life, culture and laws (magna carter) these are specific to people
Upsetting tradition makes people expect more, there is more discontent (French
Without tradition institution lack history, heritage and long term respect.…read more

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Tough on Crime (Thatcher) criminals are not victims of society as some had
previously said, there should be zero tolerance on crime and all offenses should
be prosecuted
Foreign Policy ­ "Regime Change" for foreign dictators by force and invasion.…read more

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The New Right
People are losing freedom to dangerous new forces like socialism
Economically individualist, strongly capitalist a reaction against both One Nation
and Socialism
AntiTrade Union and EU
Movement led by Margaret Thatcher and Sir Keith Joseph
Antidependency culture ­ people have to take responsibilities for themselves to
make themselves better and free
Freidman Hayek ­ Coined the term "the dependency culture" (government subsides,
bail outs and giving money to 3rd world countries).…read more


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